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New details on Santorum’s role in the general election

August 25, 2012

Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum attends a fundraiser for the GOP in South Carolina, Monday, August 20, 2012.(Photo: Lancaster County (SC) Republican Party)

We’re quickly approaching the RNC. And there was major news relating to it from former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Friday:


Delegates: I’m officially releasing you later today in formal ltr to unify for #Romney-Ryan at @GOPconvention. Thank you for your support!


He told supporters and delegates on a national conference call the night before. He also mentioned that he’ll be attending the RNC convention from Tuesday through Thursday, and will host a “unity” event with them to show a definitive support for Mitt Romney as nominee.

Santorum said,  “I have no intention of asking my delegates to vote for me on the first round.  When I suspended the campaign I ended it.  I have not been a Presidential Candidate since that moment and I want to make it clear that I want my delegates and the whole country to know that I am united behind Romney because we must unify.”

I also heard from one of the Senator’s long-time boosters that Santorum has been tapped by the campaign to reach out to blue-collar workers along the general election trail. This might have been decided when the Romney camp got wind of the former Pennsylvania senator’s Michigan exit polling data: it  showed that his voters tended to vote early in the day and toward the end of the night.

Intriguing events, to say the least.

Update: I cleaned up one error here; it was exit polling data, not entrance. Sorry. [I was tired!]

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