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Does Kira Davis exist?

August 28, 2012

Slavishly following Rule 5A:

How can you show the mainstream media and the Left that real, black conservative women exist? Read below:

 Dear friends and readers:

As you know we are witnessing the most important Presidential election of our time. As a stay-at-home mother I have found myself increasingly concerned about what America will look like for my children in the coming decades. Almost two years ago now I made the decision to become active in the fight to make Obama a one-term President. I took to my computer, set up my blog and started challenging the liberal ideas that I had once held so close to my own heart. I’ve since expanded my reach to YouTube (over 1.5 million views on my channel and counting) and radio (The Dark Side with Kira Davis). However, while blogging offers some measure of public visibility, it is very difficult to earn a decent income in this business, especially for a stay-at-home mother who must split her time between fighting for the country and raising her children. Bloggers like me depend on advertising and the generosity of readers to keep us in business.

I have never asked for help from my readers. My passion is for the future of my country and lending my voice to the fight to bring back constitutional values that have long been eroded in our political system. But today I break that record. The Democrat National Convention is in a couple of short weeks and I think this could be an incredible opportunity for a black conservative such as myself to engage those in attendance, challenge their views and maybe provoke some genuine conversation on the direction of the country. Plus, won’t it be fun to watch a “non-existent” black conservative for Romney blow some minds?  It will also be a great chance to reveal just exactly who is attending the DNC in support of Obama, outside of the coverage of the mainstream media. I believe I can be a provocative and interesting voice in Charlotte next month, but I need your help to get there. I need to raise about $1500 for airfare, accommodations and childcare in order for me to travel to Charlotte on September 3rd.  If you believe in what I do here at and throughout the internet (including my latest project, I am asking you to consider a donation to help me on my mission to make it to Charlotte. Any amount is appreciated. My friend Wendy Onstead has already set up a fundraising event on Facebook for me and others have pledged to help already. Will you join them? Donating is easy. Simply click the donate button in the sidebar to the right and enter the amount you wish to pledge. Donations are not tax-deductible. The only thing I have to offer you in return for your generosity is honest coverage from the DNC and a conservative voice you can trust in the midst of what promises to be a very interesting convention. If you can’t afford to give please share this with others and know that your readership and support is always appreciated regardless of your financial gifts.

I’d like to reach my goal by Friday. Regardless of what happens I will continue in my fight against the bias of the mainstream media and to ensure that Barack Obama is a one-term president.

America does not owe you an opportunity. America is the opportunity. – Kira Davis, Happy Warrior

But probably the best way to understand what Kira brings to the fight is to watch her in action:

Send Kira Davis to Charlotte!

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