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Obama orders all chairs destroyed

September 3, 2012

(H/T TinaIssavedbygrace)

According to a link on Memeorandum,  Barack Obama’s passive-aggressive tweet of himself sitting in a chair was the top RT of the Republican National Convention. So it’s no surprise that the internet is chock-full of parodies of both that image and the Clint Eastwood moment.

A sampling:

Obama’s cabinet

(H/T David Hill)

(H/T Conservative Lady)

(H/T Frank Peoples)

Then there are the images directly inspired by Obama’s:

(H/T TinaIssavedbygrace)

I’ll end with my favorite one of all (and I wish I knew who shared it on Facebook):

Happy “Chair in Your Yard Monday”!

UPDATE: Rose Beebe spotted this (one thousand photo) repository of empty chair pics!

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