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Racist Left-Wingers Claim Mitt Romney Wore “Brown-Face” to Woo Latinos

September 20, 2012

Not sure how to start this (because I’m almost too angry to type… maybe Stacy McCain can suggest a cheap outboard-keyboard shop).


It’s not going unnoticed that in a September 19th interview on Univision (which has the largest reach of news programming to Latino audiences in the United States), Mitt Romney had his face darkened to appear, well, more Hispanic. As a sharp eye on Democratic Underground noted and showed, there is simply no disputing it if you look at Romney’s face while on Univision as compared to his other campaign photos and television appearances.

Read the whole thing and watch the video here.

I can’t let this pass without a comment:

1. The blogger goes on to urge readers to compare Mitt Romney’s face color to his “wan hands”. (At another point, note the snide remark about the LDS.) But compare the female anchor’s hands with her makeup. She’s as heavily made-up as Romney.

2. Neither TruthOut nor Democratic Underground (linked in the piece) bother to mention that Romney got rousing applause from the studio audience when he said that, unlike the President’s temporary Dream Deferred order, he would provide a “permanent solution” on the immigration issue. As they say, “Look! A squirrel!”

3. If this isn’t racism by TruthOut, DU, et al., I’m not sure what is.

-R.J. Lower

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  1. Froggey permalink
    September 20, 2012 6:49 pm

    The idiot lefties probably don’t realize that the local TV station probably applied the makeup and they probably use the darker make up as stock because, hello, they have lots more Hispanic guests than non-Hispanic.

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