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How’s This For Messaging?

September 27, 2012

More proof that the polls aren’t skewed. Obama will run away with Oiho (aka Ohio).  

Reagan/Romney design in an Ohio cornfield

(H/T Barb Bricker)


He loves his wife Ann!
His devotion to her has got to be a picture to his character
Mitt is a good man!
Mitt Romney is pictured in France circa 1968 with a message for his future wife. He made a series of photos for Ann with the help of his friends while serving as a Mormon missionary

(H/T Bett Verboten)


Of course, he saw other signs in Ohio himself over the past few days to buoy this enthusiastic view. Edit: Get on the Bus!

Reminds me of one of Jon Huntsman’s more memorable quotes from the primaries: “They pick corn in Iowa; they pick presidents in New Hampshire.” No, they pick presidents in Ohio, Jon.

Twitchy really has the “I love Ann” photo story covered (hateful lib tweets and all).


Michigan has a cornfield with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in it now.


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  1. September 27, 2012 8:45 pm

    Click here:

    Mitt Romney victory likely due to electoral college landscape – Arlington Conservative | Read em and weep!

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