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Sublime Visual Metaphor at Southwestern OH Dem HQ

October 10, 2012

[Photo Credit: WKRC-TV]

I know that many of my posts deal in images and the metaphors they conjure, but even I couldn’t have dreamed up something so sublime.

A giant pile of horse manure was dumped at Ohio’s Warren County Democratic Headquarters sometime on Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Democratic volunteers in southwest Ohio on Tuesday were shocked to find the entrance to their headquarters blocked by a massive pile of horse manure, according to a local report.

Warren County Democratic chair Beth Goldenfield told WKRC Cincinnati that her staff was sickened by the prank, which they think occurred sometime after 10 p.m. on Monday.

Goldenfield suspected a few local GOP elephants were behind the nasty dung attack.

Read the whole thing. And rejoice.

Edit.1: From David F. Nichols, Warren County GOP Chairman (in an email blast titled,
Registration closed; Absentee voting is in full swing— emphasis mine):

P.S. Both the Republican Party and Democrat Party have had signs stolen from yards. Another incident this week outside the Democrat headquarters prompted me to remind all Republicans that we do not condone such unacceptable activities. We can win this race based on the facts! Please pass along a friendly reminder to remain professional and to work hard to help our candidates win. Polls show we’re in a dead heat, so let’s recommit ourselves to going after every single vote. Remember, Obama won by a mere 24 votes per precinct. We CAN do this!


Manure clean-up

[Hat-tip on the image: @loriviars]


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