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Conservative pundits, politicians flock to #OIHO

October 28, 2012

We’re getting all kinds of attention here in Ohio (and in Cincinnati, in particular)!

Sens. DeMint and Thune visited last Tuesday to rally for the next senator from Ohio, State Treasurer Josh Mandel. And Paul Ryan and now Mitt Romney (and R. Stacy McCain) are continuing their campaign rounds in Ohio, starting this weekend.

There are also these upcoming conservative (or at least right-of-center) personages heading here:

Newt Gingrich stops in this Monday, October 29, at Warren County Republican Headquarters. It’s a free event, and starts at 1:30pm.
(H/T Susan Waidner)

But there’s also the Americans For Prosperity bus tour coming back through here on Tuesday, with featured speaker Dick Morris. It’s being billed as the “Policy Briefing”. (Formal, isn’t it?)

The last I heard, a few days back, AFP’s tour was wending its way through Virginia. Tony Katz, of All Patriots Media and 97.1 FM in St. Louis, was one of the speakers there, along with Morris.

Perhaps Ohio seemed like drier (and safer) territory, what with Hurricane Sandy moving up the east coast. AFP is spreading the word of Tuesday evening’s Cincy event via robo-call, but their website mentions this Columbus event that morning.

I’ll be heading to the Cincinnati event.

-R.J. Lower

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  1. monitor2112 permalink
    October 28, 2012 12:27 am

    I look forward to your report from the Cincy event. Please take lots of pictures if you can!

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