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Paging Mr. Morris

October 30, 2012

It was like a bizarre episode of “Charlie’s Angels”, with the part of Charlie being played by Dick Morris. Except there weren’t three, buxom and half-clothed detectives huddled around the speakerphone, nor any crime to be solved.

But it was a hotel conference room full of people, around 200 people, who’d come out on a windy, rainy night in deep-red Clermont County, Ohio, to see Morris. They only heard him.

The blame belongs to Hurricane Sandy, Americans for Prosperity-Ohio’s policy director Seth Morgan told me later. Morris couldn’t make the travel logistics work, so called in from Detroit, Michigan and was patched through a speaker so that the whole room could hear him. It worked out fine.

I missed most of the Morris call, because of bad planning on my part and some heavy traffic.

Morgan spoke after Morris. It may have been the calmest rally speech I’ve heard since last Tuesday, when Senator Jim DeMint addressed a fired-up Josh Mandel crowd in Sharonville, Ohio. See, Morgan’s a CPA. He told us that a few times during the speech. It may explain the lack of applause lines. Or not. It wasn’t that kind of rally. And honestly, he’s compelling enough to not need them.

He said that the organization has been, up to this point, targeting undecided voters. But they’re “now transitioning to people who agree with us a little more.” He meant the base of the Republican party. “I have never seen a period when there’s been more harmony among the base.” Morgan said. That’s an extraordinary statement, if you consider the level of rancor stirred up during the presidential primary.

Several times, he returned to a central theme. Speaking about our mutual desire for fiscal sanity, he said, “I don’t believe that you can delegate– anymore– this responsibility to a politician.”

Morgan noted that he’s on the board of Citizens for Community Values, which is a group well-known in the Cincinnati area for fighting on the battlefront for hot-button social issues. Even so, he emphasized that Americans For Prosperity focuses on liberty, or as he repeated several times, “Economic Liberty”. Appropriately, with Dick Morris having worked for former President Bill Clinton, Morgan even paraphrased the Clinton war room mantra, “It’s about Liberty, stupid!”

Morgan mentioned that there are more patents generated in the United States than in the rest of the world combined. But “the Wright [Brothers] didn’t go to the government to ask for permission to invent something called the airplane.” Morgan, like those local inventors, is originally from Dayton.

Most interesting to me was that AFP is opening an office in Sharonville. Right away. As I mentioned on Sunday, former Senator Fred Thompson will be heading to this part of the state on Thursday. That day, and until the election, AFP will be knocking on doors from 9am to 9pm.

Here’s some powerful backup:

Close. Their “war room” will be receiving a call tomorrow.

More on the evening tomorrow… also, photos of (among other things) The Other McCain National Affairs Desk. Great to meet you, Ali!

EDIT.1.5: Thanks for the linkage, R. Stacy McCain! A warm welcome to his readers, too.



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