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Path to the WH goes through Hamilton, OH, says expert

November 2, 2012

My first, full workday with Americans For Prosperity left me buoyed about the future of America… and that wasn’t just because of this.

Me and part of the early-adopter door knocking team. Even more crew is set to arrive in Cincinnati before the week is out. Can’t wait to see them!

More to come tomorrow…

EDIT.1: Hey, it’s tomorrow…
A comment from a certain blog I read:

Paul Lewis–

Darleen and I just returned from voting early in Hamilton, Ohio. We were stunned when we got there as there, as there had to be over 200 people inside the Butler County Board of Elections voting, or in line like us, waiting to vote. The line moved fairly quickly as there was quite a few voting machines. I asked the fellow that assisted me how busy they had been and his one word answer was “swamped” Butler County went to McCain by around 44 thousand votes in 2008. If the early voting is any indicator. I predict that this county will double that if not more. Oddly enough, as we were leaving I noticed that there was more voters in line than when we got there.


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  1. Barbara permalink
    November 2, 2012 8:00 am

    Very proud of you Becca

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