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Wilmington, NC, 10-year old called ‘racist’ for supporting #Romney

November 5, 2012

I couldn’t believe this really happened, but here’s the story directly from the boy’s mother:

Andrea Milman:

I hope no other child has had this experience.

My 10 year old Jaron’s school in Wilmington, NC, had a mock election that was supposed to be a fun and educational experience.

After the election, the kids were waiting to go to the bus when my son was approached by one of his classmates who said he had voted for Obama and asked who Jaron had supported. Jaron said Mitt Romney. At that time, the other child called my son a racist and said Mitt Romney is a racist too. Then they parted ways. Jaron said it made him feel “kinda bad, like he had done something wrong”.

When he told me about this incident, my first reaction was the urge to call the school. I didn’t. Jaron said no one had heard him, and in dealing with this school in the past (bullying of my older son who had Asperger’s), I know that unless it was witnessed, nothing would be addressed.

I found out later that the rules had always been that no one was supposed to discuss the election, to avoid arguments among the students. Apparently, at least one student thought rules didn’t apply to him.

I have told both my boys that you follow your convictions and the candidate that most mirrors your personal beliefs. I have been Conservative for decades, and I told the boys that if I changed my core beliefs to vote for someone based on skin color, then that is just as racist as voting against someone based on skin color. I have tried very hard to teach my kids to be colorblind. I feel totally undermined by the left using race as an intimidation factor, screaming ‘racist’ to anyone who does not vote for Mr. Obama.

My silent anger rolls in, as Mr. Obama is half white, raised by his white mother and white grandmother, attending Ivy League schools. I could make the argument, if I was so obtuse, that he is more white than black. This scenario just shows the ridiculousness of the racism name calling.

(H/T to Barbara Buffing for the story)

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