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Boehner: No mandate for tax increases UPDATE: The real fight starts with a new Speaker

November 7, 2012

Last night, we retained the majority in the House of Representatives. I can see some positives in that situation.

From the Hill:

While the Speaker has in recent days predicted a victory for Republican nominee Mitt Romney, he made no such declaration shortly before 10 p.m. on Tuesday, after the House was projected to stay in GOP hands.

“I want to thank Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, who have carried the banner of our party with grace, vision, strength and dignity,” Boehner said to cheers from the crowd.

Boehner described the House GOP majority over the last two years as “the primary line of defense” against a government that “spends too much, taxes too much and certainly borrows too much.”

“The American people want solutions — and tonight, they’ve responded by renewing our House Republican majority,” Boehner said. “With this vote, the American people have also made clear that there is no mandate for raising tax rates.”

The Speaker made no mention of Obama in his remarks, which lasted just about three minutes.

“What Americans want are solutions that will ease the burden on small businesses, bring jobs home and let our economy grow,” he said. “We stand ready to work with any willing partner — Republican, Democrat or otherwise — who shares a commitment to getting these things done.”


In my misery, I had to post something. Sorry it was the usual ramblings by my congressman. Here’s real hope from Yid With Lid:

A fight for the future of the Republican Party. Beginning tomorrow there will be a fight for the soul of the GOP. The issue will be whether the party will be an “almost as liberal as the Democrats” party, or will be dominated by the more conservative members—giving Americans a real two-party system. Look for the apex of the battle to be the vote for Speaker of the House as many conservatives are calling for John Boehner’s head. If the Boehner wing wins out, you may see a third party arise.

Read the rest, and –please– hit the man’s tip jar.



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