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Lady Thatcher’s Lesson

November 8, 2012

Tom Reynolds wrote this on Facebook:

Here’s an article Lady Margaret Thatcher wrote in 1975 after her party lost power. It appears to have some good lessons for today.

“We lost because we did not appear to stand firmly for anything distinctive and positive. Sneering at “middle-class values” is to insult the working class no less than the bourgeois. Do British workers have no deep feelings for freedom, for order, for the education of their children, for the right to work without disruption by political militants?
Of course they do. And if they are no more than cash-grabbing anarchists, then we must all bear some of the responsibility and try to show them the way back to sanity. But I do not believe they are.
Most of them want to do a fair day’s work in a job that gives them satisfaction—and strongly resent what they regard as State subsidies to shirkers. Most of them deplore violence, truancy and indiscipline in schools, and cannot understand the complaisance of some of the middle-class intellectuals who run the schools.”

(Hat tip: Tom Reynolds via Jedediah Bila)


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