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Man with a Plan

November 8, 2012

The Way to Win it Back!

After our losses I questioned God’s plan and what my next step would be. I could have never imagined an America that would vote themselves servants to the political elite. As a child who grew up during the cold war, I was thankful every night for having been born in the only free nation of the world. Our nation is no longer exceptional as a sanctuary for liberty. We will rapidly see the unraveling of personal freedom as Obamacare is implemented and so many other laws, rules and regulations are passed or dictated.

As those hard truths pressed upon me, I was made more optimistic after listening to Glenn Beck (he will build a larger media footprint to combat this) and Mark Levin (he will not go gentle into that good night and we shouldn’t either).

Read The Lonely Conservative’s plan here.

I, too, listened to parts of Beck’s Wednesday morning show. It had a buoying effect, to an extent. But I cannot be deaf to voices closer to me than those on a radio show. One friend grew up in Communist Cuba, and she brings experience to her opinions that could be ignored as easily as a klaxon. We are in big, big trouble. We must fight, but the odds are staggering that we will not win. You’re not going to be getting rainbows and ponies from me. Not today.


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  1. Magda Aguila permalink
    November 8, 2012 5:32 pm

    I sure hope my emails were not so hopeless! 🙂 I LOVED the list suggestions of things we can do from the Lonely Conservative. Thanks for bringing me into it again. I thought you were taking a break today!! LOL

    Do I need to send the “12 Steps” of Recovery with the cure for Political Junkies??? :))

    Have a great evening!


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